Kathryn Taylor Rose

actor, singer, comedian, fancy lady


i am so excited to announce that i was offered a spot at Southern Methodist University to be one of the lucky eight students earning their Masters of Fine Arts in Acting! to tell you i’m over the moon is an understatement. my father recently reminded me of the scripture “you were made for such a time as this,” and that is ringing so true right now. i am so excited for this new challenge and can’t wait to meet the woman/actor i will be at the end of this three year journey.
i want to send so much love and gratitude to the current graduate students who encouraged me, the faculty that made me feel so at home, all my teachers and mentors that made me the actor i am, my friends for being so incredibly supportive, my family who affirmed me every step of the way, and my husband who never doubted that i could do this, even when i doubted myself.
here’s to learning, failing and growing.
“take chances, make mistakes, get messy”
pony up, y’all.


Upcoming Performances

Nobody Knows What They're Doing Poster.jpeg


A New Cabaret Written and Starring Kathryn Taylor Rose

July 13, 20, 27 @ 10pm

Festival of Independant Theaters
Bath House Cultural Center

Kathryn Taylor Rose Makes her triumphant return to FIT following the success of her hit cabaret, Love Me Tinder. This time, Kathryn explores the pitfalls of adulting in her new show Nobody Knows What They’re Doing.